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Nov 17, 2013 12:45pm EST
of harvard, governor of massachusetts, united states senator. yes, and ambassador to england and secretary of state. lincoln taught himself. >> darn poor teacher, i'd say. >> i never said links con is a great man. maybe he isn't. but he's come a long way by the light of a pine knot with a shingle for a blackboard, charcoal for a pencil and a jack knife for an eraser. he taught himself to read and write and figure. and now he's president. >> but he won't be long. he's dead as a cock in a pit. thad stevens, republican foreleader in congress when advised of the president's decision to speak at gettysburg cemetery said the dead is going to eulogize the dead. >> that's it. the dead go to bury the dead. >> here's phil now. >> slower than mow lass ses. >> let me have "the new york times." >> that's phil still down at the depot this morning getting the train back to washington. he was there. said it wasn't much of a speech. >> says here exactly what happened. all it says is, president lincoln made a few remarks upon the occasion. >> everett, phil says, spoke longer than 57 minutes. one of the grea
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1